Growth is everywhere! #powerfuls

Are tough times upon you? Did you lose a job? Is everyone turning their backs on you? Well that is all apart of growth! Growth is when you learn a skill from an experience. Of ten when we think of growth we think of height. Well I like that idea because you do elevate as a person when you grow.

One of my elements was when I got into a bad car accident in 2009. I fell asleep behind the wheel on a 24 hour trip. I learned that with more preparation and less dwelling on the problem. I can solve everything. I could have actually gotten sleep the night before, but I didn’t. I was too engaged on planning the trip instead of executing it. When came to the actual execution I was too exhausted to execute it properly.

Those two lessons have helped me because I use it for every one of my endeavors. I have done more with more preparation and less dwelling than anything. I finished school and became a best selling author. I have grown so much since the accident that it is a thing of the past. I could dwell on it but I forgot about it after a few years. (Maybe a head injury.)

Solution: Grow from the good and the bad situations. THere is always a lesson.

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Are you a victim of PROPAGANDA! #lazymanshustle

Propaganda comes in many forms! Propaganda can be the show you watched where all the rich people have a heart of gold. It could be the show about a leader which only shows one part of their life but leave out all the bad or progressive stuff. I believe many of us have been victims of propaganda. When we mistreat each other because we have been told to think of each other or if you see your friend of a different race as “one of the good ones” You Are A Victim of Propaganda. If you see yourself as “one of the good ones” You Are A Victim of Propaganda. Propaganda is defined as especially bias or misleading information used to promote a cause or point of view. Propaganda can be “your not the solution to your life, We ARE!”. Propaganda is very detrimental to us as human beings and wishes for us to not think critically of it.


In my book Powerfuls I go in depth about thinking critically. Even in school I have had to look outside the class and the text. Question everything given to you it could be a poison hidden in a good meal.

Be A Local Voter! #powerfuls

When I tell you to be a local voter what do you think? Maybe its literally going out there and putting a ballot in the box.  You would be on the right track but I want you to think deeper. We as a people living in a country where the Presidential election becomes the biggest celebrity event. We keep hearing about the last president we elected and why he’s ruining the country. You have to think deeper than that a local vote can help change things for you where you are at. Most likely at a faster rate. We see the president more often than the local candidates. The President is seen doing everything from looking at the sun to getting a free pizza at Denny’s. This makes it seem more personal. The local candidates are barely given any media time. We have to go searching them out or they come to our door at a time when we don’t answer doors for strangers leaving a flyer that ends up in the trash. This is most of us in our daily lives. Our bodies tell us to avoid certain things but we keep ignoring it til it makes us pay a doctor millions of dollars for something that could have been handled immediately. The local politician works closer to you. They live in your community. You have driven by them countless times going to work. You probably couldn’t list 3 local politicians right now. The one’s that handle your tax rates and where your taxes go. Be a local voter in your life. It will change your life. Deal with what is going on right in front of you. Then expand from there. Be your own advocate! Build your dream and make it a reality. The Ark wasn’t built in a day. Moses wasn’t told to hop in God’s hands and he would carry his people to the promise land. It took them a long time. Stop looking for instant gratification and build. Put that first brick down. Do the research for the foundation you need. BE YOUR LOCAL VOTER!!


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Self-Destructive People and How to Spot Them! #lazymanshustle

The world is full of 400 confirmed mental illnesses. We have depression, PTSD, Emotion Stifiling, Ego-driven, etc. The two mental illnesses I really don’t like are suicidal and self-destrutive. There is a difference between suicidal people and self-destructive people. The suicidal are the final step for the self-destructive. The self destructive person will do anything to sabotage their advancement in life. You could give a self-destructive person the world and they will set it on fire in a matter of seconds. This shows they are out to destroy anyones advancement. They feel like because they are stuck in a detrimental mindset. The world needs to have the same mindset of self-destruction. You can help them advance themselves but in the end you will be burned by the bad energy. This bad energy will leave you looking like boo boo the fool. You can become the self-destructive way.

How to spot a self-destructive person?  The self-destructive person is hard to spot from their exterior. Externally they could have the biggest smile or the most focus on their goals. When you dig deeper it is a sad clown effect. The sad clown can tell the most jokes and make others laugh but when it comes to their happiness, they never find it. This is the reason behind their constant giving up and dragging you down. Because misery needs company. If they expect you to bend to everything they do. They are self-destructive. If they want you to break your principles, They are self-destructive. If you have something you want to improve about yourself, They will tell you it’s dumb. Learn to observe. Self- Destructive people are opposed to positive change. When they see your tree growing. They will unjustly chop it down.

Solutions for the self-destructive: The world doesn’t owe you anything. Work for your improvement and flourish in success. Everything is a process and every process has a series of steps. Learn the art of patience. Everyone didn’t have your life experience. Some people have been hurt far worst than you and succeeded. They found faith in themselves and others. They became better than their past selves with patience and drive. All that misdirected anger you have inside can be redirected into a powerful love for positive change.

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Hello Beautiful People!

Hello Beautiful People, My name is Durrell and I am the owner of Ultra Diesel Time. I am a publisher, podcast host, speaker, comedian, and empower-er. I want anyone who visits my page to be inspired to better themselves and their lives. I have been through it in life. I have been bullied for looking different, called worthless on several occasions, drank myself silly, felt pain, etc. I have improved since then and have my experinces detailed in my book The Lazy Man’s Hustle.(link: There is always time to improve yourself and your community. Please hit the contact page and tell me how you want to improve yourself and others and I will help every step of the way.1_2_