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Self-Hate, The Destructive Kind of Love By Durrell Hearns #powerfuls

Self-Hate is Ugly!

Are you a victim of PROPAGANDA! #lazymanshustle

Are you?

Putting Too Much Into a Title! #lazymanshustle #powerfuls

“A Title is nothing but righteous sounding words!” – Durrell   Titles are given are given to people and things to show significance to the person. Commonly heard titles are Manager, Supervisor, Celebrity, and Author. These are commonly given to people without them earning it. Lets be serious. We have met that manager/supervisor who didContinue reading “Putting Too Much Into a Title! #lazymanshustle #powerfuls”

The Solution Oriented Mindset! #powerfuls #lazymanshustle Like and SHARE!!

Well, Well, Well, SO you got yourself in a bad predicament? You’re having the “WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME!!” mindset. People always using you for ideas, Walking all over you, Never want you to have a well being. Well what is the solution. We always see the problems in the world but neverContinue reading “The Solution Oriented Mindset! #powerfuls #lazymanshustle Like and SHARE!!”

Self-Destructive People and How to Spot Them! #lazymanshustle

The world is full of 400 confirmed mental illnesses. We have depression, PTSD, Emotion Stifiling, Ego-driven, etc. The two mental illnesses I really don’t like are suicidal and self-destrutive. There is a difference between suicidal people and self-destructive people. The suicidal are the final step for the self-destructive. The self destructive person will do anythingContinue reading “Self-Destructive People and How to Spot Them! #lazymanshustle”