Self-Hate, The Destructive Kind of Love By Durrell Hearns #powerfuls

Self-Hate is the most destructive kind of love. Why do I say it is a destructive kind of love? Because What I have observed is that we are not born to hate anything. We are born to learn but definitely not hate. When I see a baby crying for food or attention. I see an entity learning how to fill its belly or satiate a need. There is no hate there. I have never seen a deer hate someone without having a past with that person. I see self-hate as a love of the past.

The past was good to some but was bad to others. When the ones who were mistreated by the past look back they see themselves being mistreated. They just see it at face value nothing more nothing less. When they want to improve themselves they remember the time they wanted to do something different and failed at it. This stops them from trying again out of fear of ridicule and mistreatment. Why is this such a horrible thing? Because success doesn’t happen at a push of the button. Sometimes, you have to push the button till you don’t have a finger to press it anymore.

Self-Hate will hold you back from building relationships. Building relationships is a lost art form. The love of our past makes us live in the past. When we meet people of a certain color, demeanor, or even height. We can be prone to mistreat them because of our past. Self-hate can make our allies look like our enemies and our enemies look like our friends. We can end up helping our enemy and breaking our friends. The same friends that have been with us through thick and thin, Can look like our enemy from one bad day.

Self-hate makes us be very patient with our enemies but very impatient with our friends. Our enemy can be threatening to kill us but self-hate makes us laugh it off. Our friend could forget us at the store one time and we want to break ties with them forever. Why does self-hate make us love our enemies more? Because self-hate wants us dead.

Self-Hate is happy when you handle your problems passively. Self-hate loves to see you stressing from self-inflicted pain. Self-hate will change your life priorities to where you are paying the bar before you pay your bills. To where you are paying the store before paying the bills. Self-hate loves you being a detriment to yourself.


The solution to Self-Hate is very easy. Self-Hate is caused by unresolved conflict. When we are told to forgive someone it is meant to heal yourself. Your mind can play the rationalization game very well. It can make everything look like the fault of others in an instance. When we can forgive the past and take the effort to build ourselves in many ways. We can learn to move forward and love ourselves. Effort is an amazing game changer. When we get out there and resolve our problems.

The world will be a better place!!


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Are you a victim of PROPAGANDA! #lazymanshustle

Propaganda comes in many forms! Propaganda can be the show you watched where all the rich people have a heart of gold. It could be the show about a leader which only shows one part of their life but leave out all the bad or progressive stuff. I believe many of us have been victims of propaganda. When we mistreat each other because we have been told to think of each other or if you see your friend of a different race as “one of the good ones” You Are A Victim of Propaganda. If you see yourself as “one of the good ones” You Are A Victim of Propaganda. Propaganda is defined as especially bias or misleading information used to promote a cause or point of view. Propaganda can be “your not the solution to your life, We ARE!”. Propaganda is very detrimental to us as human beings and wishes for us to not think critically of it.


In my book Powerfuls I go in depth about thinking critically. Even in school I have had to look outside the class and the text. Question everything given to you it could be a poison hidden in a good meal.

Learning Humility! Contributed By Lin

Learning Humility 

    Privilege? I’ve only heard about it. How it does good and bad for the world? Never experienced it first hand. That made me feel as if money had to be my main focus in life, seeing the other girls come from supportive homes. Little did I know about the sacrifice, being stable came with. Sometimes in life , we get so wrapped in what other people have that you don’t stop to think what they are also missing – you might not. Being humble is a word that can be used so lightly and rarely is put into action. Due to the “lack” of things I wasn’t able to have growing up has made me into someone insightful. I don’t look at things the same. I stop and appreciate everything. From waking up in the morning and the gas in my tank to heading to the gym. Then from the gym to work. Then from work to a quiet place to work on my real dreams. Now , you might ask “ what are those?” I’ll tell you. Dreams are made of the things that make you truly happy. The things you don’t  have to second guess. Mind you, I am not talking about money, cars, or fancy houses. I mean real dreams . Peace, Tranquilty, Family, Love, Care and Compassion. I want to be human and live , learn and maybe hurt to heal. Everyone has a different dream they want to achieve . But thanks to the humility I’ve experienced I can look at my goal with clarity and not with greed or a sense of vengeance. When things have gone terribly wrong for me, I do the following. Assess. There is a solution to everything. Up to you to let it happen and watch the demise of something you care about. Yet, on the other hand you can make it happen on your own. I am simple. I don’t like asking for too much if  not a necessity. Keeping clear of a cluttered mind is helpful in the art of humility. Don’t ever over think anything. 99% of the time the answer is staring at us in our face. So, the next time you feel doubt is robbing you . Reject that feeling and be grateful for what you have now. Being present is my biggest lesson learned , and thus far my most favorite.  I was so stuck in the past that i couldn’t see how bright my future really is. Every day is a stepping stone, don’t miss . Arrogance blinds the real motive. Be Humble and all you’ve ever wanted will be there to set you free.

Thank you for the contribution Lin!

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