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Crazy MLM Pitch!

The funniest MLM pitch I ever got, was from a forex mlm. The representative told me. “It will be like reparations for black people.” I don’t think they knew what reparations means or the 1st step of sales! It’s deeper than color. Visit for your EMPOWERMENT!

You just may need to grow. #staypowerful

Are things getting tough or boring? Has it been a while since you’ve done something challenging? You just may need to grow. Growth comes from overcoming challenges and picking up healthy habits. A healthy habit in itself will help you overcome a challenge. 2 of my new healthy habits is to talk to everyone andContinue reading “You just may need to grow. #staypowerful”

Short story: The Conclusion of a scent!

The conclusion of a Scent! On a beautiful summer day in Virginia, The trees are green and the grass is wavy. The hills bringing a nice hue of green to everything in sight. When I look outside to see a deer looking back at me. Then I become a deer. The deer looking for foodContinue reading “Short story: The Conclusion of a scent!”