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Are you a victim of PROPAGANDA! #lazymanshustle

Propaganda comes in many forms! Propaganda can be the show you watched where all the rich people have a heart of gold. It could be the show about a leader which only shows one part of their life but leave out all the bad or progressive stuff. I believe many of us have been victims of propaganda. When we mistreat each other because we have been told to think of each other or if you see your friend of a different race as “one of the good ones” You Are A Victim of Propaganda. If you see yourself as “one of the good ones” You Are A Victim of Propaganda. Propaganda is defined as especially bias or misleading information used to promote a cause or point of view. Propaganda can be “your not the solution to your life, We ARE!”. Propaganda is very detrimental to us as human beings and wishes for us to not think critically of it.


In my book Powerfuls I go in depth about thinking critically. Even in school I have had to look outside the class and the text. Question everything given to you it could be a poison hidden in a good meal.

Conditioning made EASY!! #lazymanshustle #Powerfuls

      How do you teach a dog to sit? Conditioning! Conditioning is the rewarding of good behavior and the disciplining of bad behavior. Good behavior is when things are done in your best interest. This brings me to modern day rap and music in general. They people reward the talented talentless. The talented talentless dont use music for power but for money. You will hear them be clones of every artist out or stand for nothing of substence. This behavior is rewarded by the people who want you dumb. The substance that used to be in my love rap was lost when we let too many f-ups in. I have heard from many a person to cross over. The way we are rewarded for crossing over is more money but, In the end we lose our soul. Is your soul a good price for money that can be taken away from you? Let’s change this mindset. Why not build for yourself. We are in the age of information. I can put a subject in a search engine and find the cliffnotes about it. Making it faster for me to learn. The outline in The Lazy Mans Hustle helped me achieve many things in life and helped me monetize my skills.
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