Are You Clear Minded or Full of Mucous? #muchlove

There are many illnesses in the world. Many have been conquered by rest and a strong immune system. One of the ways the immune system gets rid of certain illnesses is by using mucous. Mocuous is the slimy stuff that comes out of your nose when you are sick or have bad allergies. It lines your nose and gets rid of viruses and colds. When they are in your body.

Mucous can harden and make you stuffy. This can clog your thoughts and stop you from doing great things in the world if you let it. I compare this to negativity. Negativity is like a bad mucous that can keep you from progress in a positive direction.

You need to be clear to meet your purpose. The clearness is compared to positivity. Positivity keeps you on track to greatness so choose to be positive.

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Why I started!

I started writing because I want to put a positive message out there. I got tired of seeing good people being mistreated or even talked down to because they were too “nice” to respond or take proper action. In recent years, I’ve seen people who have nothing to lose start conflicts with good people because they feel they will escape accountability. I saw people who get unemployment and other things get in a womans face(who has to work and support herself and a kid without any help) and brag about how they are doing better than her and make everything a competition with her. This type of behavior is disgusting and should not be tolerated by anyone.

People pleasing should never be greater than your mental health. Your mental health is important. Be your own advocate. Because you only have one life. Stand for something. Remember, No is a powerful word and stop is even stronger.

I am always here to help.

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