How to Gauge Hubris!

Hubris, some see it as a gift and some see it as an opposition. The ones who see it as a gift use it as such. They make hubris work to better the lives of others or help empower people in their community. They see hubris as a way to build self confidence in the person that is oppresed daily. Always improving because they have accepted themselves and want to help others.

The ones that are against hubris want to control the hubris filled person. These people hate the confident person with self-respect and abundant self-confidence. The will try to bring them down. They will treat the confident person lower than them because they fear being stood up to. They hate to see the confident person achieving greatness, doing things their own way. This is where bullying comes in. The bully hates seeing one of their victims getting up on their own and seeing their worth. The bully needs a punching bag to vent their lack of self-confidence. When the “hubris” filled person stands up to them they see  the truth in their false confidence. They see they are weak.

Hubris should be used wisely. I use my hubris when someone want to bully me and make me feel smaller as a person. Hubris is a great armor and weapon. When people try to belittle you, hubris makes you stand up for yourself. If hubris wasn’t their you would become encumbered by others petty problems. They would use you as a place to vent their problems but instead of talking to you. they will treat you less than you deserve.



Story: Stand for Nothing or Else: A cowards theory #lazymanshustle

Chapter 1: Why stand for nothing!

    I am so scared to stand up for myself. The world is so fight or flight. My favorite thing to do is survive. I always must fly. I see a oppressed being harrassed by an oppressor. I look and then put my head down. If I make eye contact with them. They could attack me. There is no benefit to standing up for the oppressed. Doing so will make them take my trinkets away. I get want all my worldly possessions when I die. It scares me to think about life without my trinkets. On top of the person is bigger than me. I could be on the street without a dollar to my name. Then I couldnt pay my medical bills from getting beat up. I was taught at a young age to mind my business and respect people no matter what. It keeps me comfortable in my choices and keeps me out of trouble. Trouble is any consequence I must face. From a firm talking to or my comfort being taken away. Why do that? I am so likable. People love having me around. I do everything for everyone. They love it. If They want to make fun of me. I will laugh it off because it doesn’t effect me. I really love my dog but when it uses the bathroom on the carpet. I yell my head off at it. It deserves it. It should know better and I am the boss of it. Why must it be an idiot?! Ruining my life at every turn. It makes me sick seeing it act out around other people. I am so busy! The fear it puts in me. What are these people saying to others about my dog?! This is why I stand for nothing. People are so deceptive. They will make me feel so safe. Then tell me I am so ugly. Then I name call them back. Then the law gets involved. I am just going to stay in this bubble. The safe bubble where nothing can affect me. It’s where I can get lost in my music or video games. In this world I can play as the strong person, I am not in real life. I can make a difference in a world I can control. The real world is so unpredictable. Why complicate things more with my 2 cents? this will put the spot light on me. I hate the spotlight I want to make myself as small as possible. The attention is  a challenge and challenges scare me. What if I fail? People will make fun of me. This can hurt my feelings so bad. I already have memories of bad situations. They can only get worse.

Conditioning made EASY!! #lazymanshustle #Powerfuls

      How do you teach a dog to sit? Conditioning! Conditioning is the rewarding of good behavior and the disciplining of bad behavior. Good behavior is when things are done in your best interest. This brings me to modern day rap and music in general. They people reward the talented talentless. The talented talentless dont use music for power but for money. You will hear them be clones of every artist out or stand for nothing of substence. This behavior is rewarded by the people who want you dumb. The substance that used to be in my love rap was lost when we let too many f-ups in. I have heard from many a person to cross over. The way we are rewarded for crossing over is more money but, In the end we lose our soul. Is your soul a good price for money that can be taken away from you? Let’s change this mindset. Why not build for yourself. We are in the age of information. I can put a subject in a search engine and find the cliffnotes about it. Making it faster for me to learn. The outline in The Lazy Mans Hustle helped me achieve many things in life and helped me monetize my skills.
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The appeal of Superheroes!#lazymanshustle

I went to see the Wonder Woman Movie this weekend. As a appreciator of comic book characters and superheroes, I have learned how to appreciate their film counterparts. I call many of these loose adaptations to appeal to a grander audience. When we really look into superheroes they are the counterparts of our mundane existences. Seeing them overcome adversity at the hands of their adversaries. Makes us feel like that could be us. From the age of comic books being for nerds who want to beat up that bully or the appeal now with the world wanting to take down one enemy. This is our draw to them. I wrote the book The Lazy Man’s Hustle to get rid of the term “unemployed”. I hated seeing so many people falling victim to it. I felt I had to put my cape on for them. Showing them a new way. #lazymanshustle 

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Fiction is based in fact!#lazymanshustle

From Star wars to Batman, all stories are based in fact. Be it a traumatizing experience on a personal level or a horrible experience we have had together. All creativity comes tradgedy. We never want to hear a boring story. We need a conflict in our fiction. Be it us versus the big bad army, Being attack by aliens, going against the odds, or losing a loved one. We have all been there. Events like these make the best stories. When was the last time you read a story about a very happy individual with a happy day? Those go well in baby stories until the baby loses its mom. These are the best things to build from. Everyone loves the movie series Star Wars by Georg Lucas. The crazy truth is…They are all based on World War II. He saw the dogfight films from the war and wanted to recreate them. When you see the creativity of the special effects team making these films, It’s Impressive. Lucas’s fact-based turn to fiction has become one of the most successful franchises in the world. This should inspire you to write about your tragedies and put a spin on them. Tragedies in my life, influenced me to write the book The Lazy Man’s Hustle. I was at a very low point in my life for a year. Noone was hiring and no money was coming to me. I would lay in bed all day. I was very depressed. I felt I wasn’t worth anything. Then I started having Ideas. I went to several different events around the U.S. all on my savings. This really helped me see the entrepenuerial side of the business world. I saw how much of my time was wasted building for another persons wealth. This is when I started a landscaping business, a podcast, and started writing comics. I would sell these and make a good amount of money back. This inspired me to write The Lazy Man’s Hustle. I saw too many people sad with their lives because they were jobless or didn’t have the drive to leave a horrible job. They chose to be victims. This is how the fact of being jobless, helped my creativity. 
                                                                             WHAT CAN YOU CREATE FROM TRAGEDY?


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Deflection is a Tactic of FEAR!#lazymanshustle

Fear, one of the most controlling emotions in the world. Fear can make the lazy act. Fear can make the most powerful cower. Just one sense of loss will make a powerful shake. Why does the author of The author of The Lazy Mans Hustle want to talk about fear? Well I saw how fear can affect a persons journey. The fear of getting out of your comfort zone can affect your growth. Money gets affected by fear everyday. When a doctor was dragged off of a plane. The airlines money was affected by fear. Others saw themselves getting drug off a plane by big scary security guards. This made the media sell the fear even more. Fear made the stocks go down. Fear is also the cause of deflection. Deflection is a fear of honesty. Deflection causes many bad habits to continue.  Examples of deflections are “they are doing it too”, “what about your (off topic)”, and “this is my freedom”. Many people have destined themselve to destitution. They will never want to change. They see benefit in being a horrible, lazy, or complicit. There were many people that see benefit in a tyrannical system. They see how well they live in it and let others be destroyed by it. Why are we so fearful to change. Why do we look at others being hurt and add more salt to the wounds. These are all products of fear. Fear of being judged, fear of failure, and fear of success. What if we never let fear affect us? We all would be successful. We would all be thriving. Fearful people never want to see others succeed. It scares them because they have to look at themselves honestly. Lets all stop deflecting from the truth and embrace honesty.


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