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Habit or Muscle Memory #powerfuls #lazymanshustle

What is Muscle Memory?      Muscle Memory is the retention of certain actions and movements we do. Muscle memory is mainly used in sports and body building. These give athletes the advantage of being able to keep a non active mind and let the body do the work. This is achieved through repetition and… Read More

How to Gauge Hubris!

Hubris, some see it as a gift and some see it as an opposition. The ones who see it as a gift use it as such. They make hubris work to better the lives of others or help empower people in their community. They see hubris as a way to build self confidence in the person… Read More

Did Trump Save America? #powerfuls

I know this seems like a clickbait title but bare with me. The US had a great breakthrough a year ago. The US had the pleasure of having a effective black president replaced be a very effective white president. The US under  President Obama was seen as post racial which deceived the masses. We had… Read More

Fun Short Story!: Courageous Vick Teen

Courageous Vick Teen A Short Story by Durrell H Vick Teen had always loved crowded Falmouth with its resonant, raspy rivers. It was a place where he felt lonely. He was a courageous, witty, port drinker with grubby legs and greasy spots. His friends saw him as a clumsy, cold carer. Once, he had even… Read More

Putting Too Much Into a Title! #lazymanshustle #powerfuls

“A Title is nothing but righteous sounding words!” – Durrell   Titles are given are given to people and things to show significance to the person. Commonly heard titles are Manager, Supervisor, Celebrity, and Author. These are commonly given to people without them earning it. Lets be serious. We have met that manager/supervisor who did… Read More

The Solution Oriented Mindset! #powerfuls #lazymanshustle Like and SHARE!!

Well, Well, Well, SO you got yourself in a bad predicament? You’re having the “WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME!!” mindset. People always using you for ideas, Walking all over you, Never want you to have a well being. Well what is the solution. We always see the problems in the world but never… Read More