Fiction is based in fact!#lazymanshustle

From Star wars to Batman, all stories are based in fact. Be it a traumatizing experience on a personal level or a horrible experience we have had together. All creativity comes tradgedy. We never want to hear a boring story. We need a conflict in our fiction. Be it us versus the big bad army, Being attack by aliens, going against the odds, or losing a loved one. We have all been there. Events like these make the best stories. When was the last time you read a story about a very happy individual with a happy day? Those go well in baby stories until the baby loses its mom. These are the best things to build from. Everyone loves the movie series Star Wars by Georg Lucas. The crazy truth is…They are all based on World War II. He saw the dogfight films from the war and wanted to recreate them. When you see the creativity of the special effects team making these films, It’s Impressive. Lucas’s fact-based turn to fiction has become one of the most successful franchises in the world. This should inspire you to write about your tragedies and put a spin on them. Tragedies in my life, influenced me to write the book The Lazy Man’s Hustle. I was at a very low point in my life for a year. Noone was hiring and no money was coming to me. I would lay in bed all day. I was very depressed. I felt I wasn’t worth anything. Then I started having Ideas. I went to several different events around the U.S. all on my savings. This really helped me see the entrepenuerial side of the business world. I saw how much of my time was wasted building for another persons wealth. This is when I started a landscaping business, a podcast, and started writing comics. I would sell these and make a good amount of money back. This inspired me to write The Lazy Man’s Hustle. I saw too many people sad with their lives because they were jobless or didn’t have the drive to leave a horrible job. They chose to be victims. This is how the fact of being jobless, helped my creativity. 
                                                                             WHAT CAN YOU CREATE FROM TRAGEDY?


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Deflection is a Tactic of FEAR!#lazymanshustle

Fear, one of the most controlling emotions in the world. Fear can make the lazy act. Fear can make the most powerful cower. Just one sense of loss will make a powerful shake. Why does the author of The author of The Lazy Mans Hustle want to talk about fear? Well I saw how fear can affect a persons journey. The fear of getting out of your comfort zone can affect your growth. Money gets affected by fear everyday. When a doctor was dragged off of a plane. The airlines money was affected by fear. Others saw themselves getting drug off a plane by big scary security guards. This made the media sell the fear even more. Fear made the stocks go down. Fear is also the cause of deflection. Deflection is a fear of honesty. Deflection causes many bad habits to continue.  Examples of deflections are “they are doing it too”, “what about your (off topic)”, and “this is my freedom”. Many people have destined themselve to destitution. They will never want to change. They see benefit in being a horrible, lazy, or complicit. There were many people that see benefit in a tyrannical system. They see how well they live in it and let others be destroyed by it. Why are we so fearful to change. Why do we look at others being hurt and add more salt to the wounds. These are all products of fear. Fear of being judged, fear of failure, and fear of success. What if we never let fear affect us? We all would be successful. We would all be thriving. Fearful people never want to see others succeed. It scares them because they have to look at themselves honestly. Lets all stop deflecting from the truth and embrace honesty.


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Spider-Man was an Idea! #lazymanshustle #empower

Spider-man is a great case on how you have to get your idea out there. In 1962, Marvel was going to cancel the Amazing Fantasy comics because of poor sales. This prompted Stan Lee to write a comic book to supply teenage readers with a character they can identify with. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko came up with the character of Spider-Man. This character is a teenager with the name ending in “man”. This in a time when teenage characters were named “boy”. Stan Lee went to his editor several times to get the character approved. He was turned down several times because his editor wasn’t ready to take on the character of Spider-Man. The character that has MADE Marvel a big name and brought them into film. The character made Stan Lee the editor and face of Marvel. He is 94 years old and is invited to all the comic conventions and is an inspiration for many up and coming comic book artist and writers. You could be the next Stan Lee but you gave up on an idea on the first NO. Now, noone knows who you are or are inspired by your your actions. You still get visions of success but too fearful to take your next step. Get The Lazy Man’s Hustle today and follow the outline. It will get you to your next level. Follow the link and enjoy freedom of vision  

The Lazy Man’s Hustle: Book for people who love money

Friend or Toxic pal #lazymanshustle

Their are millions of people on the planet earth. This has led to many relationships in the world. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. There are over 450 confirmed mental conditions in the world. Now, add this to my previous statement. This builds upon the how hostile the relationships can get. I have seen many a person try to use control on me. The will guilt trip, attack you personally, and add others into it. This is called an abusive relationship. I call it an abusive relationship because they don’t want you to grow. They want you to stay in the same place because it makes them feel better about their bad decisions. They will hold all their vitriol for you. When they should leave it for their true enemies. The fuck ups should be kept as far away from you as possible. They have a past of failure and love to roll in it. They love it because they are too scared to make another step. If a pain pirate shows any sign of being a pain pirate, LEAVE. You don’t need negative energy around you. All it does is hold you back. The pain pirate loves to use your resources as your own. They will coax you into a bad decision then make fun of you for it. This negative energy will lead to more pain in your life. The more you’re around it, it will consume you. The failure, the fear, the sadness, and the insecurity wil become yours. 


The solution is to keep building. Be a great listener to others. Most people fail to communicate their wants/pain with others. Listen to the jokes they tell. Listen to their tone with you and others. These are great tell-tale signs to what kind of person they are. If they are bad, keep them away from you.(unless for analysis) They aren’t ment to be around you. They don’t want to build with you. They want to kill you.


The 3 I’s to life!

LIFE itself should be used to better yourself and others. Your example should positively influence others. They should feel your positive energy in every word you speak and every action you take. This is your stamp on the world. Your seal on the planet. If you don’t bring your improvement into every situation. YOU stay stagnent and ever waiting for your next step. Instead of being proactive in your short time on this planet. To keep me out of a rut, I use the 3 I’s. The 3 I’s are improve, influence, and impact. These 3 I’s will keep you noncomplacent and always growing. When you see your effect on people make them want to improve. You will feel a sense of completeness.   

STORY: Journal of a LONER

A hot summer day. Everyone is outside. Taking in the bright rays with their many friends. THe must like having those people around them. I see people as a hinderance on my own progression. They will hurt you repeatedly. People make me want to be a supervillain in the worst way.  People only bring chaos whereever they go. The wilderness would still be here if it wasn’t for the human sickness of greed. My name, Don’t worry about my name. I am a great person. Noone deserves my time. THey only waste it in the end. This world is a nasty cycle of dirty humans doing horrible things. THey will never accept a good person. Don will never accept them. My walls are up and will never come down.

Decisiveness and the Power in it!

Decisiveness is the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively. Decisiveness is great in life. Decisiveness keeps the indecisive behind you in life. The fact that you can make decisions makes you seem god-like. So many people want to be lead to success. They feel they need some acceptance from the outside to make a decision. Be it building their bodies up for the fitness test. They want people to accept their decision to build a business. They won’t ever make that decision themselves. People that are lazy hustlers are constantly building and make their decisions by them and extensions of them. They make themselves better themselves and buld each other. Decisiveness builds this persona up in people. It tells them to make their next move. One way to build decisiveness in yourself is to be spontaineous. Go with the first thing that comes to mind. See what your body is telling you to do. Keep being spontaineous and see where it takes you. If you are a reserved person, be more outgoing. If you are a outgoing person, be less outgoing. Change it up. You will see every decision from both sides. This can be your safety in decisiveness! Keep it growing and going.

The Curse of the Fearful!

Fearfulness is a curse. In a world full of villains and manipulators. Fearfulness is the worst thing to be. Fearfulness makes it impossible for you to help anyone. Fear makes you run or freeze in place. It is a basic function of the lizard brain. Fear told you if a dinosaur was too big for you to bring home for your family. Fear told you to stay in the house at night because wolves may be out their waiting for you. When you felt fear, it was for a good cause. Nowadays we have fear of basic things, Fear of rejection, fear of misunderstanding, and fear of embarrassment. Are these really things to be fearful of?  Are they life threatening? None of the fears I listed are going to end your life. Unless you have a weird thing where your body shuts down at the sign of these things. THen you should get that checked out. The fearful are scared to put themselves out there. This is why success avoids them like the plague. It’s like when you feel thirsty, When  you feel thirsty you get the glass of water. THis is how you should treat all endeavors in life. If you want that gorgeous person across from you. Talk to them. THe ever fearful only see the bad. They see failure as the only option with anything in life. Let’s change this fear into discernment. Discernment separates the sheep from the lion. Discernment takes in both sides of the arguement and measures the risk and reward. SOme people never try sushi because they see it as raw fish. The raw fish argument comes from the ever fear inducing tv. The discerning hear this and try sushi for the first time and love it. This is what separates the fearful from the discerning. Discerning take the best risk for them. The fearful stay stationary, never moving. This is scary in itself. The fearful will see a person getting harmed for something petty, and do nothing. The inaction becomes guilt. Then the guilt becomes more inaction. Because fear took over again. One nasty cycle of inaction. Then you look around and see gray hairs with nothing to show for it. Old age with death knocking at your door. With a life of mediocrity to show people in your life book. 



How to Gauge Hubris!

Hubris, some see it as a gift and some see it as an opposition. The ones who see it as a gift use it as such. They make hubris work to better the lives of others or help empower people in their community. They see hubris as a way to build self confidence in the person that is oppresed daily. Always improving because they have accepted themselves and want to help others.

The ones that are against hubris want to control the hubris filled person. These people hate the confident person with self-respect and abundant self-confidence. The will try to bring them down. They will treat the confident person lower than them because they fear being stood up to. They hate to see the confident person achieving greatness, doing things their own way. This is where bullying comes in. The bully hates seeing one of their victims getting up on their own and seeing their worth. The bully needs a punching bag to vent their lack of self-confidence. When the “hubris” filled person stands up to them they see  the truth in their false confidence. They see they are weak.

Hubris should be used wisely. I use my hubris when someone want to bully me and make me feel smaller as a person. Hubris is a great armor and weapon. When people try to belittle you, hubris makes you stand up for yourself. If hubris wasn’t their you would become encumbered by others petty problems. They would use you as a place to vent their problems but instead of talking to you. they will treat you less than you deserve.