Scared to Help/Scared to Ask! #standfor

Have you needed help? Have you helped someone? How did it go? Did you let the issue you needed help with pass or did you solve it? When you helped that person, were you rewarded? Did you feel used? If so, you were apart of the millions of people who feel that way. In recent years, I have seen an increase in the fear of wanting help or even helping those in need.

Just an observation!

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What are you going to do about it? #powerfuls

Solutions are one of the most important things in the world. Solutions are the reason why we have the best societal advances available in human history. Someone saw a problem then created a solution for it. The researched the took the proper steps to solve it. It takes courage to create a solution.

It takes courage to create a solution because most people will not see a problem. Therefore they see your solution as an excess or it having a trivial meaning. I have seen many a person frown upon tech advances which them became a necessity. The one that sticks out to me is the creation of the iPhone. When the iphone 1st came out I remember hearing people say that it was a waste of money and that it is a failing trend. Now everyone has either a iphone or spinoff smartphones based on the same design. Smartphones have been a great solution for many people like, business owners, bloggers, parents, etc. This one solution has changed the world.

So we can go back in forth on how to change things but we must come to a solution.


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