Let’s talk about something serious.

When I watch the movie Jurrasic Park. I get amazed by the CGI used in the film. We forget this movie came out in 1993. 1993 was a crazy year. It was the early 90s but still kind of 80s. At that time, you did not have high powered computers. I remember my favorite games were solitaire and minesweeper for the longest time. I did not know the computer I was playing minesweeper on was the same computer that made the cgi brontosaurus in the Jurrasic Park movie. The brontosaurus scene is so iconic. It made the Jurrasic Park theme one of the most recognizable songs in the world. Try not to hear that great symphonic music when you say Jurrasic park. It is recognized by people who haven’t seen the movie. Like that is a musical super power. Imagine seeing that animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex in person. I’m sure it was a sight to see. This towering dinosaur in real life! With big teeth and piercing eyes! Not something to take lightly. Every movement of the dinosaur making the hydraulic system sound like a mini dinosaur roar. Must have been hair raising.

staypowerful #staygreat #stayawesome

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