The Spirit of Innovation! #powerfuls

Do you want to improve the world? Do you see past improvements and know(from the bottom of your heart)that you can do better? You have the spirit of innovation. The spirit of innovation just like the word innovation is always evolving and growing. Working to improve the great steps that have been made and knowing how to improve and taking the steps to do so. Innovation has many examples like the cell phone. The cellphone started as a big brick block with numbers on it. I would compare it to the housephones of the 80s & 90s. The innovation came in the early 2000s when Apple released the Iphone. It was a sleeker design and could hold many fun apps. Then many companies caught on to the cellphone market. Now we have a boom in cellphones. They do everything that initial Iphone did and more. I can drop my phone in water and still make a phone call. The original phones didn’t let you do that. Innovation lets you do that.

So, whatever market you are in…Be innovative. Know there is more you can do.

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