WAY OF THE DRUNKEN MASTER: Strength in the Goofy Footed! #staypowerful

Way of the Druken Master is the being low when you have mastery. The drunken master appears drunken but can defeat any of his opponents. The power of the drunken master is false incompetence. The drunken master is the master of efficient deception. Efficient deception is deception that works for positive causes. Be it, peace, justice, equality, or greatness. Efficient deception is a great deception to get things done in your life. If you look like you’re doing great things. You will become a target But if you play dumb and strategize. The Drunken master focuses on form and though they can be off balance. The Drunken Master strikes with strong force. A strong force from a place off balance can be devastating. Devastating in the fact that it is unexpected. The enemy can not read a drunken masters movement because the drunken masters movement is formless and not so practiced. They flow. Flow is when you don’t have to think about your next move. You just move! When your opponent is going one way. You follow their movement to the extent to where you can stop it and counter attack! Flow comes from knowing who you are and building from it. Let your body do the movement not your mind. Your mind can make you overthink your next move. Making you stand still instead of taking action. Which is bad because action is our way of interacting with the world. The drunken master knows this. Therefore they allow their body to move and strategize. They allow the flow to move them to improve in a way their one self needs.

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