Are you Vicarious? #standfor

Wow! What a great achievement!!! Was it yours? If not, you may be vicarious. Vicarious is experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person. If you felt like you are good at something but did not put the time in. You may be vicarious. If you feel like you are the best at something you never attempted. You are vicarious. Vicariousness is easy in a reality tv world.

Reality tv has made it seem normal to be condescending and ego run rampant. When ego runs rampant unchecked it can lead to detrimental things such as vicariousness. The reality tv makes it look easy to be someone else. They never show the downs. Which most of those people do have. It makes the problems look solvable with in an hour. Which can make it seem like having a broken personality can solve anything. Which it can’t. Because a broken personality hates criticism.

Criticism is necessary in the world. It can help us grow way faster and way better. If we listen to the constructive criticism that is given to us. We can really build ourselves way better. If we are usually getting good criticism but we never listen to the bad criticism. We will fail.


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