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My name is Alexis and I am a 23-year-old photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have recently moved here back in August of 2018 and I hope that my story of how I made it to the Bay to pursue my dreams can touch other people and inspire a spark within. Due to unexpected life circumstances and an overall uncontrollable spiral of events, everything all happened so rapidly and I ended up leaving everyone and everything behind in Arizona and left for the Bay Area with no plan, no family, only knowing one friend from the internet in San Jose, and just barely enough money for gas to get here. I am now currently an entrepreneur and I work as a freelance photographer and I will say, it was not easy coming out here with no set plan and leaving on a whim. I came to San Jose, homeless, I lived out of my car for nearly 6 months and it was a hard struggle if I’m going to be honest. There were days I was so depressed and anxious I didn’t want to face the day and it was a constant inner battle within myself. But something really important I learned from going through struggle is that I can’t control what happens in my life, I can only control how I respond. I know life can be a struggle and it’s really hard sometimes and it almost seems like there’s no way out and all you have is the problem, but what I wanted to share with you all is something that I’ve learned and what’s helped me and I hope that people can take away from it in whatever way they need for themselves.

Skills or methods I’ve learned and applied when I’ve faced adversity
1. Breathe. Take a step back and observe where you’re at. You’re here. Right now. This moment right now is constantly changing and it never stays the same. Your situation has already happened, the experience has lasted for 2-3 seconds. It no longer exists. How you choose to respond is entirely up to you.

2. Accept the situation for what it is. Sometimes the hardest part of facing struggle is acknowledging that is where we’re at. I didn’t want to accept the fact that I needed help and that I was going through a lot of struggle when I was homeless, but that was just the reality of it. Let it go and move on. Okay so we have adversity, now that we acknowledge that, what are we going to do?

3. Make a plan. And STICK to it. I bought myself a SELF journal. It’s a 13-week planner and I’ve read that many successful people use this planner and my goal is to be successful so I decided that it was time to structure out my life and set a plan for myself. How was I going to get out of being homeless? By accepting my situation, and by knowing that I can’t change anything if I don’t change my behaviors and actions.

4.I started writing down things that I wanted to accomplish within the 13-weeks I was using this planner. I had 3 different main goals that I wanted to achieve and everything was broken down into what I was going to do consistently to meet those goals. I started mapping out my month by breaking it down to weekly goals, and what I had to do each day of the week to crush that goal. And listen, my photography income wasn’t consistent and I refused to go back to a job so I know it’s not appealing at times, but I even did Doordash just to make ends meet. I set a goal to make $780 a week just doing that on top of my photography income. How I made $780 a week I broke it down into each day and I had to make $130 each day 6 out of the 7 days I had in the week. It was a hustle, but it is so possible. How did I do that? I did my research. Obviously I wasn’t in a position to think I knew everything because what I knew was a product of my environment and reality so I had to learn something new.

5.Sometimes we just have this idea or number in our minds of what we want and just want to put it out into the universe and expect it to come to us. That’s not how it works. The universe doesn’t work like that. Details do MATTER. All these self-help books that I’ve read have taught me that in order to get what you want, you have to have a plan, DO THE WORK, and BE CONSISTENT. Okay so you want $1,500 a week and make $72,000 this year. HOW exactly are you going to do that? Figure out how you’re going to do that and then TRUST the process. So every week I set a goal for $1,000 and leading up to $4,000 that month which includes DoorDash and random photography jobs. And let me tell you, when you start taking things seriously and stick to your own structure, shit manifests.

6. BE PATIENT. It takes 10,000 hours to become a master at something. Everything we know is a product of physiological experience and is tied into our muscle memory. Think about martial arts and Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee dedicated his time and energy into becoming a master at Kung Fu and it did not happen overnight. He had to train every single day to become one of the most well-known and phenomenal martial art masters. This is something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. But I realize that being entitled and expecting things to come without even changing my mindset and behaviors isn’t going to change anything in my life. I create time for days where I’m not working on stuff to be LEARNING new skills and experimenting. It’s cool to know that you’re skilled at something, but do you want to stay comfortable? No. You want to continue growing and you won’t see that progress until you keep doing it and trying new things.

Everything that I’ve written isn’t just words, but knowledge that I’ve learned and put into practice. I genuinely hope that this can help anyone that reads it and applies it into their own daily lives. May this year be full of fulfillment, success, and blessings. Thank you.

Note from The Editor: Very Powerful Article. Thank you for your Contribution. #staypowerful.

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