Brevity:A Publisher’s Nightmare!


Brevity:A Publishers Nightmare!


Brevity is the art of saying more with less. A publisher wants a minimal of 30,000 words in order to publish a book. 30,000 words sound easy til you think about it. 30,000 words to a regular reader is easy but for the non reader they can hurt and be very costly to pay attention to. Because the attention isn’t a given. A certain hurt of burning eyes that hurt from over explanation or a use of too many words to pad out the word count. Word count isn’t what makes a good book. A good book is measured by how it makes you feel. If our reader drifts into oblivion other than their imagination. We have failed as an author. The author of any creation be it self help, fiction, sci-fi, recipes, or textbooks. Our job is to take our reader into a different world where they are along for the ride. Making their imagination see our character and our world. The ideals of the characters must speak to them in some way and be relatable. This is can be achieved in under 10,000 words. Brevity is an artform. This is why we must keep it sacred. I love how we have self publishing at our disposal. This cuts out the middleman/publisher’s standard of art and helps you express yourself in your own way. Without being held back by corporate standards. These standards restrain creativity and make us lose what sets us apart. Why do we (the creative) adhere to these standards, when we know we are the talent and the reason why they have the money? We bring the talent and the betterment of the art. Why are they challenging what we bring. They make us rush a deadline for inspiration so we can sound like every other uninspired creative. This is disgusting and rushes a change. A paradigm doesn’t shift on your time. It creates a designated time then brings the creatives to change it. This is why it is important to listen to your inner voice. This tells you when you are called. This tells you when to create the next big thing. Greatness does not fall in line! It follows its own accord!


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