How to #staypowerful!

#staypowerful is a tag I use to bring awareness to the inner power of the world. The inner power that brings power to improving innovating empowering the world and those in it. I have been asked “How do you #staypowerful in a bad state of mind or a detrimental social scape?” Well I am Durrell and I’m here to help! Staying Powerful is easy for those seeking it. One must be powerful in order to stay powerful. Power is a mindset yet a dream turned into action turned into reality. The reality we all live in. Think of the people who have influenced you without knowing you. What made them influential to your life? Was it their Voice? Was it their passion? Was it their love of their craft? Was it their confidence? All of these come from a sense of control mentally, emotionally, and reality. Influencers control themselves mentally by being in a constant space of strategy and peace. They strategically plan their days to the second. Any loss second can take them out of sync with what they want to achieve. These achievements release dopamine the peace chemical in our brains. It tells us when we have done something good. This is where so of the peace comes from. The other comes from self-awareness. The self awareness that can show us if we get too out of control. Self awareness is the voice that tells us we need food, water, love, or to get out of a situation, or to get into a situation. Basics of life.

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