Why I Don’t Support MLMS/PYRAMID SCHEMES! #powerfuls

Why I don’t support MLMs aka Pyramid schemes!

I have been approached by many MLM reps in my life. Most were strangers who had deceived me by calling it a “business opportunity” or a “money-making opportunity”. When I finally meet them I am being sold some horrible sounding pyramid scheme. They say it isn’t because they have a horribly overpriced product in front of the recruiting scheme. I have seen the fake demo screen of IML, the worst dermatology products of Nerium, the cheaply made products from Amway, and the empty “business of the 21st century”. These products should be trashed but are used to get more victims into the scam. Therefore, the people at the top(the owners of the MLM) gets more money.

The people on the bottom recruiting their friends and family end up burning bridges because one person always fails. Then the person who recruited them tells them they failed because they didn’t deceive enough people.

Deception is a disgusting practice. Deception keeps the deceived/gullible in a detrimental position. While the deceivers live off their detriment.

There are people who want your hard earned money for nothing. Never let them have it!

Stay Powerful! #lazymanshustle
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