Are You Controlled? #lazymanshustle

Their are two parameters to freedom. Freedom of thought and freedom to move. Freedom of thought is the freedom to think for yourself without restriction. You can think of how bad a salad is and never tell the chef. You can think your wife looks fat in a dress without saying it. This is what you can control in your head. Some of us have this gift and some of us don’t. The ones that don’t are controlled by outside factors. Be it a boss, a friend, a tv, a internet, or a propaganda. They can’t think bad things because it tells them it creates bad things in life. This means their freedom of thought is controlled by others with possibly bad intentions for them. This is detrimental to growth and change. The ones that don’t control their thought, keep their heads low to get to the next day. They scurry about lost day to day. They see conquerors on tv and believe it is them but have never fought in their lives. They are desensitized to mistreatment and will make any excuse for the mistreator. Some even blame the mistreated. This is a disgusting fact. They are complicit in their mistreatment. They fear positivity and wish it death. Because positivity leads to solutions. Solutions take effort and make change. These are trait of a powerful mindset.

Let’s build positivity among each other!


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The Lazy Man's Hustle is for the improvement and achievement of your dreams.

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