11 Signs You are a Pet and Not an Equal! #powerfuls

1. Unwarranted nicknames- Nicknames are the best way to make you a pet. Lets make some context. Lets say you have just started a job and you stay to yourself. You do not make work friends or have conversations about non work related things. Then one of your associates wants to name you. This is called name calling. They want to make you a pet. This is something I have personally dealt with. I was renamed hearnsey for 1 year out of my life because I was seen as a pet. I never really spoke to the guy who renamed me but was renamed because he didn’t want to see me as human.
2. ‎Mistreated for no reason- You have not done anything that anyone else hasn’t done but you get mistreated to the highest level. You get called every name. You have many false rumors made about you and get touched by everyone. They feel they are entitled to pet you because you are their pet. They need you to be a punching bag for their plight. You are there to be their play thing.
3. ‎Never properly trained- This goes for anything including School, Life, or Work. These people see you as their problem and never want you to succeed.  The best way to keep you as the pet/entertainment is to never properly train you. You are here to make a difference but you have to train yourself.
4. ‎Told jokes in bad taste- This goes with being mistreated. These “jokes” are made to keep you off your game. They will tell you a joke like “What do you call a night in Chicago? Kill a nigga!” Then expect you to laugh about it. When you don’t, you will get touched and told to have a sense of humor. This is how a pet is treated.
5. ‎Never given real solutions- This goes hand in hand with not being properly trained. If  you have solutions for small problems,then you can make a solution for them to stop mistreating you. Then you can be human and not a pet.
6.You are told to do the wrong thing then given you all the blame for doing it- You being there is their problem. They will tell you to do the wrong thing then not take the blame for telling you to do it. This will keep you off their scent and make you the problem.
7. ‎You’re given the table scraps- You are given the worst of the benefits. They will give everyone the benefits you are supposed to receive. Then give you the worst of the benefits. Then tell you you are equally at the table. When you are under the table begging.
8.You are to deal with what is normally taken care of by them- When you are mistreated it is natural and natural law to stand up for yourself. The people who see you as a pet see you standing up for yourself as a misbehaving pet. The things they would stand up to. The pet should take.
9.Everyday becomes an interrogation- The pet must be asked every question in the book. They say this is the best way to get to know you. Watch their numbers become very personal. Like your parents jobs or how many kids do you have. These are made to mistreat you in the future.
10. your accomplishments are minimized- You could climb Mount Everest but to them you climbed an anthill. They are your enemy and they never want you to have anything.
11. They want to control you- You are their pet.



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