Lessons Contributed By Cyn D

At a very early age my father abandoned me and we were just me, my mother and my sister. For economic reasons my mom had to go to work away and left us with my grandmother who is like a second mother to us or almost the first one, because she is the one who was always there for us, my mom only saw her once a month and Sometimes not, when I was growing up I got used to it but after a while my mom got a job nearby and could be with us every day as expected. I fell in love with a boy with whom I lasted 4 years and was unfaithful to me. Another woman who became pregnant with him and ended that relationship when I realized, my mother had a husband who was very bad and made her suffer a lot but that relationship and that relationship ended. Due to what happened with my previous relationship it has been difficult for me to trust someone else but over time I have overcome it Now I just try to improve myself and continue studying and working to have a better future, a better life and give my mother and my grandmother the best.

Thank You Cyn D!

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2 thoughts on “Lessons Contributed By Cyn D

  1. This was an inspiring story. How she overcame all the hurdles and came back to a normal life. It’s really appreciable. Such positive stories must be shared. Doing a good job.

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