Learning Humility! Contributed By Lin

Learning Humility 

    Privilege? I’ve only heard about it. How it does good and bad for the world? Never experienced it first hand. That made me feel as if money had to be my main focus in life, seeing the other girls come from supportive homes. Little did I know about the sacrifice, being stable came with. Sometimes in life , we get so wrapped in what other people have that you don’t stop to think what they are also missing – you might not. Being humble is a word that can be used so lightly and rarely is put into action. Due to the “lack” of things I wasn’t able to have growing up has made me into someone insightful. I don’t look at things the same. I stop and appreciate everything. From waking up in the morning and the gas in my tank to heading to the gym. Then from the gym to work. Then from work to a quiet place to work on my real dreams. Now , you might ask “ what are those?” I’ll tell you. Dreams are made of the things that make you truly happy. The things you don’t  have to second guess. Mind you, I am not talking about money, cars, or fancy houses. I mean real dreams . Peace, Tranquilty, Family, Love, Care and Compassion. I want to be human and live , learn and maybe hurt to heal. Everyone has a different dream they want to achieve . But thanks to the humility I’ve experienced I can look at my goal with clarity and not with greed or a sense of vengeance. When things have gone terribly wrong for me, I do the following. Assess. There is a solution to everything. Up to you to let it happen and watch the demise of something you care about. Yet, on the other hand you can make it happen on your own. I am simple. I don’t like asking for too much if  not a necessity. Keeping clear of a cluttered mind is helpful in the art of humility. Don’t ever over think anything. 99% of the time the answer is staring at us in our face. So, the next time you feel doubt is robbing you . Reject that feeling and be grateful for what you have now. Being present is my biggest lesson learned , and thus far my most favorite.  I was so stuck in the past that i couldn’t see how bright my future really is. Every day is a stepping stone, don’t miss . Arrogance blinds the real motive. Be Humble and all you’ve ever wanted will be there to set you free.

Thank you for the contribution Lin!

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2 thoughts on “Learning Humility! Contributed By Lin

  1. That was a wonderful post. Full positive vibes. Even I believe that if we get stuck in our past we can’t do anything. We must move on. We must understand that present is a present given to us.

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