The Difference between Deceptiveness and Intelligence!!

“Deceptiveness is not intelligence”-Durrell Hearns

       In today’s world deceptiveness is seen as a sign of intellect. I would disagree with this notion because the most deceptive can be outsmarted. Deceptive behavior is a base form of survival. It is on the same level as reproduction or eating. Deceptiveness was used by the shelter less human as a way to get more food or resources for themselves. They did not have to be intelligent to be deceptive. Deceptiveness is a the betrayal of cultivation. This is why deceptive people love to have food given to them. You cannot deceive the ground to give you food right now. Deceptive people can’t put a drop of water on a seed and never plant it or till the soil and expect the rewards to be bountiful. This is why deceptiveness is not intelligence. Intelligence knows how to plan, research, and execute. This separates the two. The deceiver would rather research you than the subject. They will forever want what you have. Even if it’s a crumb more than they have. Deception shows low intellect. It shows a fear of accountability and the want to be constantly on the run. Deception makes you watch your back in a safe place. You will not focus on the task if you are not watching your back. The intelligent know to look and plan forward. They don’t get lucky. The intelligent know the result and multiple ways to get to it. They don’t have to lie, cheat, or steal! They know to be the hardworking prepared ant and not the lazy complacent grasshopper. The grasshopper would try to deceive an ant to give it food. Then starve the whole winter.





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