The Solution Oriented Mindset! #powerfuls #lazymanshustle Like and SHARE!!

Well, Well, Well, SO you got yourself in a bad predicament? You’re having the “WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME!!” mindset. People always using you for ideas, Walking all over you, Never want you to have a well being. Well what is the solution. We always see the problems in the world but never know how to solve them. We like to see them grow into a devastating detriment to us. Why do we do this? Do we want to be right that bad in life? We want to tell our positive selves “I told you so?” That’s a suicidal path that leads to nothing but pestilence. We will be the bane of others existence with that mindset. What’s the solution? Look at every opportunity as your next level in uncomfort. The best way to face uncertainty is by confronting adversity. Still preparation is key. Most of us don’t think solutions because of the initial panic. Everyone goes through  hardships. As long as you are on this earth you will be tested. If you lost your survival instinct listening to oppressors. The world will keep testing that survival lack of survival until you get one. Take every ‘failure’ as a lesson and never be condescending to yourself. The people who aren’t supposed to be around you will do it enough. Your job is to take control of your life. Organize then mobilize. Be the fear that holds you back and impose it on your weaknesses and oppressors. These things deserve it way more than you do.




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Author: Lazy Man's Hustle

The Lazy Man's Hustle is for the improvement and achievement of your dreams.

2 thoughts on “The Solution Oriented Mindset! #powerfuls #lazymanshustle Like and SHARE!!

  1. This was a post which spreads positivity. Failure is the stepping stone to success. They are the lessons. If we don’t fall in the process of flying then, what’s the adventure in it?


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