Call it like it is! The Art of Labeling a Suspect! #powerfuls Share and Like!

The word suspect is defined as  When we see a person exhibiting certain qualities that look suspect. That is how we get the right person put in jail. When people see a suspicious person in public they call the cops. Maybe they have never seen the person in the neighborhood or the person has littered in public. We as people have a gift for discernment. Discernment is sometimes mistaken as Judging. This is where the knowledge of words comes in. Discernment is cause by seeing certain qualities in a person, place, or thing and avoiding it. Judgement is going into the situation and removing it from existence. Discernment is the greatest tool to any human being. Discernment is a life saver. Discernment can show you when a person is broken by life. Discernment tells you when they are trying to bring you to their level. This is why we should call it like it is. There are evil people out there. They want to get rid of you because of color, beliefs, and other petty things. They will organize things around you to fail and make you second guess all your progress. This is why you should discern them away from you and keep progressing. Progress towards a better you everyday. If people want you to second guess your progression they are not your friends. They are your enemy and want you to drown in the mud with them. Lets be better discerners and change the world for the better. Spread true positive energy not the enabler energy. The enabler energy hurts us all in the end. #powerfuls

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