Keep Power in YOUR HANDS! #powerfuls #lazymanshustle

I have been asked how to keep Power in your hands. Why do we want power in our hands? Maybe we have felt helpless in several situations. We have noticed others get over on us with out consequence. We have seen how having too many people get over on us can change us. We act differently. We never want to be a victim again. We never let others in. We can start to wrongfully judge people. The people that could help us out of our rut become the enemy. The people who want us to be miserable, become our best friends in the world. The miserable ones want us to be as miserable as they are. It’s disgusting. Every Idea you have becomes a joke to them. They never want you to climb unless it is to hang yourself. Better oneself. Be your own advocate! Inform people how you feel about certain things. They may hate you after but it’s not their job to be in your life. They don’t deserve to be in it. They basically fired themselves. Keep power in your hands by controlling the situation. You want to make that movie? make a short film. You want money but noone is hiring? Make a product. Better your outlook and be POWERFUL!!
Get Powerfuls Here!!

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