The Action Mindset! #powerfuls

Hello Beautiful People, I am a big fan of action oriented people. The people that can make something out of nothing. The people that say they can mold something, then mold something. These are the best energies to be around. They never let the bad that could happen control them. They see everything good and say that’s what I need in my life. September 2015 was the moment I became a doer. I was never a great writer. I just had lots of imagination and a humurous way of getting it out.  This led me to one of my best friends who was an artist. We brainstormed over many a comic book story. We created one of the greatest underground comic books in ever. It was about the growing political strife in america. It sold well and made a difference in the world of a big few. THis led me to writing the critically acclaimed book The Lazy Man’s Hustle. This is the action oriented me. If you met me at 19, I would be telling you about all my ideas. While working a job I didn’t like. Dealing with all the negative and manipulative energy around me. The doer risk taker is a more beneficial way to be.     

                            Why be stuck? 

  Thank You for your time!

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The Lazy Man's Hustle is for the improvement and achievement of your dreams.

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