STORY: Journal of a LONER

A hot summer day. Everyone is outside. Taking in the bright rays with their many friends. THe must like having those people around them. I see people as a hinderance on my own progression. They will hurt you repeatedly. People make me want to be a supervillain in the worst way.  People only bring chaos whereever they go. The wilderness would still be here if it wasn’t for the human sickness of greed. My name, Don’t worry about my name. I am a great person. Noone deserves my time. THey only waste it in the end. This world is a nasty cycle of dirty humans doing horrible things. THey will never accept a good person. Don will never accept them. My walls are up and will never come down.

Published by Lazy Man's Hustle

The Lazy Man's Hustle is for the improvement and achievement of your dreams.

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