The Curse of the Fearful!

Fearfulness is a curse. In a world full of villains and manipulators. Fearfulness is the worst thing to be. Fearfulness makes it impossible for you to help anyone. Fear makes you run or freeze in place. It is a basic function of the lizard brain. Fear told you if a dinosaur was too big for you to bring home for your family. Fear told you to stay in the house at night because wolves may be out their waiting for you. When you felt fear, it was for a good cause. Nowadays we have fear of basic things, Fear of rejection, fear of misunderstanding, and fear of embarrassment. Are these really things to be fearful of?  Are they life threatening? None of the fears I listed are going to end your life. Unless you have a weird thing where your body shuts down at the sign of these things. THen you should get that checked out. The fearful are scared to put themselves out there. This is why success avoids them like the plague. It’s like when you feel thirsty, When  you feel thirsty you get the glass of water. THis is how you should treat all endeavors in life. If you want that gorgeous person across from you. Talk to them. THe ever fearful only see the bad. They see failure as the only option with anything in life. Let’s change this fear into discernment. Discernment separates the sheep from the lion. Discernment takes in both sides of the arguement and measures the risk and reward. SOme people never try sushi because they see it as raw fish. The raw fish argument comes from the ever fear inducing tv. The discerning hear this and try sushi for the first time and love it. This is what separates the fearful from the discerning. Discerning take the best risk for them. The fearful stay stationary, never moving. This is scary in itself. The fearful will see a person getting harmed for something petty, and do nothing. The inaction becomes guilt. Then the guilt becomes more inaction. Because fear took over again. One nasty cycle of inaction. Then you look around and see gray hairs with nothing to show for it. Old age with death knocking at your door. With a life of mediocrity to show people in your life book. 



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