What is your purpose? I’ll tell you mine if you don’t mind

Hello beautiful people it’s your favorite blogger. Haha. Lets talk about our purpose on this earth. If you read purpose as porpoise then you may have a problem. Purpose is the reason something is done or created or for which something happens. This means you woke up for a purpose this morning. You may not know right now but if you do comment below. The purpose for your life can influence and inspire others. You can be the first at something. You could be the best at improving others lives or better yet telling stories. When you find your pupose you can inspire millions of people to do better because of you. 

  When I wrote my first book, I showed many people it wasn’t impossible to make one. I even had someone chase me down to get the answers. This really touched my heart because I was constantly beaten down most of my adult life. I was told to not look my supervisors in the eye. They would tell me I was worthless not even a human. The world felt like it was crashing. I was nothing but a bug to a boot about to fall. Then I found my purpose and gift. I knew I was supposed to the “different” guy in every situation. 

   I look back on my life and see myself like that one episode of spongebob. The episode where he tried to be normal. I would mimic the people I thought were normal. The people the world loved and never hurt. The people that were accepted by everyone. I wanted that for a long time because I didn’t know my worth. I felt like I would never achieve anything in life or be anything, unless I copied the accepted people. Then something told me to do my research. In my research of the most influential/powerful people. I noticed most of them were considered oddballs. Some were made fun of and told they would never achieve anything. Then I heard a voice tell me to go the gym.

I went to the gym and saw someone struggling to lift a very heavy weight. I went to help them but they told me to back off. I did and watched the weight fall on their chest. They exhaled from the weight hitting them so hard. I tried to hold my laughter back because I felt that’s what they get for not letting me help them. Then I looked at myself differently. I saw myself as the perpetrator of an assault on someones self-confidence. If I didn’t inspire them to lift for their betterment, why should I keep feeling like hero? 

I boldly helped them lift the weight off their chest. They were relieved to have someone help them. I had to shrug it off. I wasn’t going to kill the vibe. I told them to try it again. They told me no never again. THen I looked them directly in the eye and said try it again, I believe in you. They layed back on that bench press and i helped them take the weight off the rack. THey then proceeded to struggle again. I told them to think about the most valued member of your family under a rock or a car, and you are the only person there to get it off of them. The person kept struggling until I said. “Life is leaving their eyes!” They picked the weight up so fast it almost went through the ceiling. I had to step back. THEN I KNEW I FOUND MY PURPOSE!!


Thank you for your time!

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