Why I admire Batman and real-life heroes like him!

   Batman is a super strong superhero at his human peak. He is able to think his way out of any situation and appear bigger and stronger than he actually is. Batman is one of the most recognized comic book heroes of any genre. He fits in to any type of story and is usually the most memorable part.

I admire Batman because in any appearance he is memorable. I feel he is memorable because he takes many risk in solving a case. Batman has gone as far as punching superman coming at him at mach speeds. He broke his hand of course but he took the chance. Batman is written as a mortal man but he achieves great things. He has been shown taking out the smartest and the strongest villains and barely break a sweat. When Batman shows up people know he is there. He has presence.

There are many people in the real world that have presence. This makes them admirable in my book because they seem to have power even without it. This also can be seen as a certain confidence. They don’t ask to be in the room. They enter the room and bring the energy.

It has been said that leadership and public speaking scare people. Batman and so many people in real life are born leaders or learned from the best. Batman has the respect of so many people more powerful than him because they know he is a strategic badass. Batman just has that presence of power. He always figures out a way to take down his foes.

Knowledge and never giving up is everyone’s superpower in this world. So learn to cultivate it and build a better tomorrow!

Thank you for your time!

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