Hello Beautiful People!

Hello Beautiful People, My name is Durrell and I am the owner of Ultra Diesel Time. I am a publisher, podcast host, speaker, comedian, and empower-er. I want anyone who visits my page to be inspired to better themselves and their lives. I have been through it in life. I have been bullied for looking different, called worthless on several occasions, drank myself silly, felt pain, etc. I have improved since then and have my experinces detailed in my book The Lazy Man’s Hustle.(link:http://a.co/7pEt7Qp) There is always time to improve yourself and your community. Please hit the contact page and tell me how you want to improve yourself and others and I will help every step of the way.1_2_

Published by Lazy Man's Hustle

The Lazy Man's Hustle is for the improvement and achievement of your dreams.

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